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Credits & Reviews

"Edoardo is one of the best sound engineers I've worked with and continue to work to this day. Not only does he have great knowledge and abilities in the specific field of music engineering and production, but his incredible musicianship makes him an invaluable asset to any production team. His mixing skills are superb and he also happens to be a fantastic human being with a friendly and cooperative personality. Strongly recommend!"

Christiane Karam - Singer/Composer/Producer, Associate Professor at Berklee College of Music 

"In my career as a session violinist I've had the chance to work in hundreds of studios all over the world, recording music for hit movie soundtracks and major orchestral, pop and jazz albums. I've met Edoardo a few years ago and we kept working together ever since: he's kind, professional, extremely fast and musical. It's very rare to find all these qualities in the same person when it comes to sound engineers."

Prisca Amori - First Violinist for Ennio Morricone and Orchestra Italiana del Cinema 

"Edoardo is someone you can count on to get the job done. He always delivers and that's what I've always found great about working with him. He's extremely talented but humble, and this is the best and most valuable part."

Lizje Sarria - Vocalist/Composer/Producer 

"I've worked with Edoardo on many projects and he's not only very meticulous when he's recording drums, he also has a great musical talent when it comes to editing and mixing: He's attentive to details and knows how to treat sound, enhancing the quality of the original recording in a very professional and sophisticated way."

Meki Marturano - Session Drummer/Percussionist 

"This guy knows what he's doing! When I need a high-quality sound for my guitars, I know I'll have to call Edoardo. He's produced, recorded and mixed most of my studio works and always did a wonderful job. I know just a few really experienced and talented producers I would honestly recommend and he's definitely one of them: very skilled and pleasant to work with."

Attilio Costa - Session Guitarist/Producer 




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