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Producer-Sound Engineer


Edoardo Santini is a musician, composer, producer and sound engineer from Rome (IT), with more than 10 years of experience in the field of music composition and production. After obtaining two Specialist Certificates in Pro Tools and Music Marketing from Berklee College of Music in 2016, he moved to Boston to attend the prestigious school and graduated in Contemporary Writing and Production on May 2020.

Edoardo's skills range from the early stages of songwriting/composing to the final touches of the mixing/mastering process, covering all the aspects of music production with special attention to audio recording, editing and processing.  

In his multifaceted career, Edoardo has worked for artists and bands from all over the world, covering the varied roles of recording/mixing engineer, lyricist, composer, arranger and producer, and collaborating with some of the most renowned professionals of the music industry at an international level: Elena Roussanova Lucas, Prisca Amori, Danilo Perez, Christiane Karam, Lizje Sarria, Jesus Molina, Bill Frisell, Meki Marturano, Vadim Neselovskyi, Attilio Costa and many others.


Under the name of Ed Ward, Edoardo has also written and produced dozens of songs, releasing two studio albums as a singer/songwriter: Man Overboard (2014/RBL Music Italia) and Tigers (2016/Self Release), which are available in all digital stores and streaming platforms. His music is a unique blend of styles that go from blues to folk, to pop and reggae, genres that Edoardo mixes with a very sophisticated and personal taste.

In 2020 Edoardo approaches electronic music and starts a new project under the name of Kovine. His productions are a mix of lo-fi, electronic and chill out music and have been featured in various visual projects such as short movies, advertisements and web media contents.

In October 2020 Edoardo joins the production/engineering team at Infinite Recording Studio, Reading (MA)

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